Why HYDROGEN WATER is good for both children and their mothers during pregnancy?

Why HYDROGEN WATER is good for both children and their mothers during pregnancy?
4 December 2020

Hydrogen is an endogenous gas. In every healthy gastrointestinal tract, there are beneficial bacteria that have been synthesizing hydrogen gas (H2) since we have existed. However, due to many factors, both the amount of these bacteria and the availability of H2 in the body have decreased significantly in recent decades.

On the other hand, clinical studies of hydrogen have found that it has therapeutic effects in more than 170 types of pathologies. Hydrogen is not only an effective treatment for many diseases, but also a natural element completely safe for our body. No negative or side effects have been found as a consequence of long-term H2 intake. Studies on the safety of H2 have been systematized and published on the website of the Institute for Molecular Hydrogen /see here/.

Why are pregnant women recommended to drink hydrogen water?

Pregnancy is a condition in which much of the body's nutrients are directed to the fetus. This leads to a weakening of a number of protective functions in the body. Hydrogen gas has been found to significantly improve cellular resistance to mutations caused by ionizing radiation in the surrounding world. The molecule of H2 is only 2 microns, allowing it to easily cross the blood-brain barrier and the placenta. Hydrogen thus protects both the mother and the normally developing fetus from radiation damage and malformations.

Daily intake of hydrogen water significantly boosts immunity, which is vital during pregnancy. Thus, viruses, colds, and medication intake can be avoided or reduced. Studies on patients have shown that H2 acts as a signalling molecule and central regulator of biochemical processes in the cell, bringing the body to a state of homeostasis. During pregnancy, H2 regulates lipid metabolism, improves glucose tolerance and tissue elasticity, which promotes faster recovery after childbirth.

Hydrogen water intake can significantly reduce unpleasant reactions to pregnancy, such as nausea and vomiting. Many women also suffer from increased blood pressure. Observations on hypertensive patients show that taking H2 regulates blood pressure and improves blood vessel elasticity. This makes it an extremely useful element during pregnancy.

Once the birth takes place - the energy, love and care is directed entirely towards the children. In the next few lines we will note why hydrogen water is very beneficial for babies and children:

Help with colic and constipation.

As children drink more milk, this often leads to the onset of constipation. Dissolved in water, the small molecule of hydrogen gas quickly diffuses into the tissues and organs. H2 promotes gastrointestinal reflexes and enhances intestinal peristalsis. The strong anti-inflammatory and soothing effects of H2, make it critically important for gastrointestinal health and a magic elixir for baby colic.

Improves children's immunity.

H2 is the only antioxidant with selective ability known to science. There are free radicals in our body that are very beneficial and we should not waste them. Other antioxidants such as vitamin C, E and so on do not have the selective ability of hydrogen. H2 binds and neutralizes only the dangerous to health hydroxyl radicals, converting them to ordinary water. Eliminating oxidative stress improves the body's natural defenses, which is vital for protection against colds, viruses and bacteria.

Easier absorption of calcium.

Calcium deficiency in modern humans is a problem with a wide range of consequences: calcium deficiency in children leads to poor bone and tooth development; in pregnant women, this deficiency causes the fetuses to compete and race for a larger dose of calcium during pregnancy, leading to gestosis and frequent vomiting. Water enriched with hydrogen gas by electrolysis is rich in ionic calcium, leading to its easier absorption by the body.

Improves memory and concentration .

Studies have shown that daily intake of hydrogen water supports electrolytes and calcium levels in the body, which stimulates the development of the cerebral cortex and improves memory and concentration in both children and adults.


If you have decided to add hydrogen water to your daily routine, take a close look at the technical description of the devices on offer. Make sure the device has REM (proton exchange membrane) technology. This is a proton film in the electrolytic cell that releases ozone when the water molecule breaks down (in electrolysis) so that one does not ingest it with the water. Ozone is carcinogenic! Choosing an apparatus with a high H2 output (above 1400 ppb) is also essential. The H2MEDICAL team is truly committed to educating the Bulgarian public as well as contributing to a better quality of life for everyone in our country. Our devices have medical certification and feature maximum therapeutic effect as well as the highest safety class. /see the devices/


Learn which are the Hydrogen Tolerant Diseases in the menu HYDROGEN MEDICINE./LINK/

Intake of HYDROGEN WATER in patients with COVID-19. What does the President of the Institute for Molecular Hydrogen say?

Molecular hydrogen (H2 gas) and water enriched with it have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects (1), making them potentially useful for treating COVID-19. Several clinical trials in China are investigating H2 therapy in patients with COVID-19

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10 health benefits of taking HYDROGEN WATER.

In recent years, more than 800 clinical studies have been done on patients in various hospitals and universities around the world. The therapeutic effect of H2 has been shown in over 170 types of diseases and its healing effect on every organ of the human body. In this article we will summarize: What does hydrogen water do for health?

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Hydrogen water is a powerful remedy for ACID REFLUX, GASTRITE and excessive oxidation of the body.

In summary: treatment with hydrogen water + medication, for 3 months, gave significantly better symptom control than treatment with medication alone. Finally, in our study, 75% of surveyed patients reported an improved level of satisfaction. Taken together, the results showed that there was a significant increase in quality of life at 3 months after the added intake of hydrogen water compared to baseline.

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Intake of HYDROGEN WATER for cardiovascular diseases. Effect and safety.

The results of the research of the Japanese professor Hatana Gyazuki from the University show that 1.5 liters of hydrogen water with a concentration of H2 1500 ppb has the same antioxidant effect as 1407 apples / 104 carrots / 2061 bananas / 123 spinach or 10 pumpkins. The comparison is made based on the antioxidant power of beta carotene content in these fruits and vegetables.

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OVERWEIGHT: A medical study shows the effect of HYDROGEN WATER in people with metabolic syndrome.

"The group drinking highly H2-saturated water significantly reduced blood cholesterol and glucose levels, attenuated serum hemoglobin A1c, and improved biomarkers of inflammation..."

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RESEARCH: Hydrogen - the fuel of alternative medicine.

"A small randomized controlled clinical trial of 50 patients with cerebral infarction compared hydrogen inhalation with the approved medical drug edaravone. According to MRI and NIHSS results for clinical determination of stroke severity, these results show that hydrogen therapy was more effective than the approved medical drug.''

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What is HYDROGEN WATER and what makes the apparatuses for it different in price and quality?

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